Seminar 13 Dec 2018. Call to action & Kick-off

The event was a great knowledge sharing experience.

The summary can be found here. The program and linked called to actions and presentations below.

The data driven lab development is being intensified by the fact that patients and potentially research respondents will have the data portability right to get a copy of their (raw) data copy (blue button). The GDPR (European Privacy Act - AVG) enforces any institution that has privacy sensitive (clinical and research) data to demonstrate that they have a data sharing process as well as their information security in place and auditable. We applied the FAIR Data Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) to a data driven lab for genetic tests. The FAIR principles have since received worldwide recognition by various organizations including National Institutes of Health (NIH), the European Commission and industry suppliers as a useful framework for thinking about sharing data in a way that will enable maximum use and reuse across multiple stakeholders including Citizens (patients) Health insurers, doctors, pharmacists, Research Grant Organizations, Ministry of Health, Pharma and Biotech Industry. Below is the program to make this happen! 

Data driven health lab Call to Action

Data driven health lab

Kick-off: Sharing and re-use of health data.

Prof. Robert Hofstra

Clinical Genetics ErasmusMC

How to drive Lab Quality and make data FAIR?

Bert Eussen


Microsoft and Healthcare transformation.

Niall McDonagh

Director Western Europe Health Sector, Microsoft.

The role of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Sofie v.d. Meulen

Senior domain expert in LifeScience GDPR processes

The changing role of the CIO in the data driven health society.

Ron Roozendaal

CIO Ministry of Health

Genetic Data in Personalized Health Care

Prof. André Uitterlinden

Complex Genetics


The changing role of Radiology in the data driven AI future.

Drs. Herman Pieterman

Ad hoc replacement Prof. Wiro Niessen.

Radiologist/head of patientcare RadiologyErasmusMC
Chairman of technique section Radiological Society of the Netherlands

Trusted collaboration using Shared Standard Operating Procedures across organizations.

Peter Walgemoed & Egbert Heuvelman

Carelliance/ AuthorE

The importance of pre-competitive collaboration in data-driven health-care.

John Wise

Pistoia Alliance

Co-operatives Panel Discussion.

Technologies. Blockchain, Cloud

Public private partnerships.

Health lab co-operatives.

Martin Slijkhuis Public Safety & National Security agencies Europe, Microsoft

Rob Grim Blockchain expert, EDSC Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erik van Oorschot, Medical Delta

Peter Walgemoed

Lab users Panel Discussion with audience.

Data driven doctors, researchers and citizens.

Data driven health analytics.

Postponed to February.

Eric Little


Wrap up and next steps

Peter Boogaard