Niall McDonagh

Microsoft is engaging with many Health customers across Europe. What we generally hear from our Healthcare customers is a recognition that the opportunity to improve Healthcare through digitisation is huge but the pace is quite slow. Many reasons for slow progress are put forward: Technology immaturity, data privacy, security concerns and  fragmented datasets are often mentioned.   We believe that the technologies available now; the current policy environment and the existing digitised datasets could already enable more innovation than is actually happening. In short, there are other constraints to progress in play. This is evidenced by the disparity in progress between European countries with similar policy environments and similar levels of maturity in relation to electronic medical records and other forms of digitised health data. We believe that challenges related to organisational structures, financial flows, capability gaps and behavioural norms are also worthy of examination. One way of doing this is by examining  cases of strong and weak momentum with a “change management” lens. Our exam question is this:  “What should Health innovation leaders prioritise in building an environment conducive to digital transformation?” 

More information about Niall can be found here.

Niall presented how to achieve the Quadruple Aim by combining building blocks into a platform and different ways of leading health organizations how to manage change. His presentation can be found here.