André Uitterlinden

Global collaborative research with Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS) on the most costly and impactful diseases (e.g., diabetes, dementia, cancer and osteoporosis), in which Erasmus MC is playing an important role, has identified a multitude of genetic disease variants. Such genetic risk markers together form polygenic risk cores (PRS) which can now start to be put into clinical practice. Projects worldwide are piloting the use of PRS and the associated technology with SNP arrays, integrated in current diagnostic and/or treatment routines as personalized medicine. Even greater implications can be expected in preventive health care.
The ministries of Health, Science, and Economy of the Dutch government should pro-actively facilitate these developments and stimulate and foster international collaborations in this inevitable and ongoing change of our health care.

More information about André and the HUman GEnomics Facility (HUGE-F) can be found here and here.

André presented 'a moonshot' for Genetic Data in Personalized Health Care. His presentation can be found here.